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Why Hello,

I’m Tya Marie and if you’ve managed to end up on this site than it’s due to one of two reasons: by accident or you’re a fan of my works. If you’re still reading then I’ll assume that it’s the latter and not the former and tell you a little about myself.

Born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, I’ve always had an overactive imagination. Always. There isn’t a time in my life when I can’t recall not going off into some imaginary land and making up my own movies (which later turned into stories). I’d enjoy them more than I did television but not so much as I did reading. I’ve always had a deep love of reading that couldn’t be tamed even if someone tried. I didn’t have many books but the ones I did have I reread every day without fail. When I grew tired of those I moved on to my sisters chapter books. This continued for the better part of my young adult life until I was about 12. I had finished reading almost every book I owned (maybe 100 or so) and I stumbled across one final book that had been piquing my interest so I decided to read it and found it to be so boring that I stopped after the third chapter. Staring at the wretched book I said to myself “that was so bad I’m pretty sure I could write my own story.” And so I did.

My very first book was entitled “Life is Sweet Cinnamon Sweets” (It’s amazing how well this is flowing) and I had one of my classmates read the very first chapter. She loved it and in wanting to know more I certainly didn’t disappoint and proceeded to pen my very first novel without even realizing it. After writing the first I couldn’t get enough of having one whole fan and penned the sequel. I was on the third installment when I decided that I wanted to be a writer. By then I had already spent every day of summer vacation writing stories by hand, unable to sleep because of the excitement that came from writing. Everyone assumed I was just a little weird (as us writers tend to be), but none of that mattered to me because I was happy.

Life happened and I took a few years off from writing but once I picked up my pen and paper again it felt like only minutes had passed instead of years. I joined Wattpad under the pseudonym SecciChic and began writing again, this time a mainstream story entitled “A Girls Gotta Do.” The story was well received; I received modest votes and comments. But it wasn’t the urban fiction I sought to write but feared it wouldn’t be received well. I grew frustrated with a lack of support for my second book and began to only read when I stumbled upon someone who would change the course of my life: Linda Verji, a black female author with moderate success on Wattpad. She was quirky, intelligent, a good writer, and had a fanbase that she connected with on a level I figured I would never be able to because of my social anxiety. However, that didn’t matter; the fact that there was an active demographic out there who would be willing to read my books. So I quit trying to be mainstream and wrote what had been in my heart for quite some time. And that is how Vixen was born. The love and support was amazing and encouraging, providing me with the motivation to chase my dreams once again.

After the Vixen series (now named A Brooklyn Love Affair) came another series that pushed me farther than I’ve ever been pushed: Carbon Copy. From there I knew without a doubt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life just bringing joy and happiness to those with a love of reading. And I have. I’m a newly published author at Royalty Publishing House and I’ve released two books A Brooklyn Love Affair: Vixen and Gino’s Story and A Brooklyn Love Affair 2.

I know this was a bit of information overload but isn’t that what most welcomes are at times?

Much Love,

Tya Marie

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