A Brooklyn Love Affair Pt.2

She was a stallion, Charles thought as he took in the beautiful specimen standing in front of him. She stood in the shadows but he could tell by her long toned legs that she was gorgeous. He saw her become more alert; she stood up straighter when she noticed she had an admirer.

“Hey,” she said from the shadows.

Charles smiled and tilted his head. “Let me see your face, beautiful.”

He expected her to be cute. Pretty. But when Charles’s dark brown eyes connected with her grey ones he was taken aback. Smooth shimmering mahogany skin covered her like a veil. Her raven black hair was luminous in the night, thick and bone straight reaching her mid back. This girl was a sight to behold and he found that it was just his luck he got to her before someone else did.

“This good enough fa you?” she purred, placing a hand on her hip.

Charles appreciated her curves, her jean miniskirt fitting her snugly along with the matching bustier she wore. On her feet was a pair of heels made to boost her a few inches, a job which they did well.

“It’s fine indeed,” Charles said, rubbing his hands together. “What’s your name, beautiful?”

“Mahogany. Like my skin.”

Charles cracked a smile. “That’s what yo mama named you?”

“Yup. That’s what she named me before dumping me at my grandma house.” Mahogany shrugged as if being abandoned wasn’t a big deal. Her moment of self-pity was over in a second as she studied Charles with keen interest. “What you lookin’ to get into tonight?”

Charles knew Payne wouldn’t mind if he brought along the beautiful girl to keep them company for the night. When they arrived at Payne’s Brooklyn pad a party was in full swing, people dancing and having a good time in the smoke filled apartment. Drinks floated around the room as people simulated sex on the dance floor to the latest Al. B Sure tune blasting through the speakers.

“Lemme say ‘hi’ to my boy and then we can chill in private,” Charles shouted over the din, grabbing hold of Mahogany’s wrist and pulling her through the crowded party. 
Payne was the perfect host, leading the pair upstairs to a bedroom he cleared out for Charles’s stay. The double bed was made up with floral linens and a light blanket that wasn’t necessary due to the summer heat. The musical stylings of Run DMC shook the dresser and television sitting in the corner of the room. Charles dropped his suitcase on the floor and made himself comfortable on the bed.

“So tell me about yaself, Mahogany,” Charles said, patting the spot next to him.

Mahogany made sure she sat extra close, placing a possessive hand on his leg and rubbing small circles into the denim fabric of his jeans. Staring deep into his eyes she smiled. “You don’t wanna hear about my life as much as I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Well then I’ll get right to it: how old are you?” Charles asked nervously. “‘Cause I’ont want no trouble with no cops.”

“Don’t worry about that, Daddy. I’m grown enough to handle whatever you’re packing,” Mahogany replied, her hand traveling farther up his pants. She became excited when she saw a bulge in his jeans.

“Where you live?”

“Not too far from here, Daddy.”

Charles grabbed the girl’s chin, willing her eyes to meet his. “Why you actin’ like this?”

“’Cause I like you. And when you like somebody you have to show your appreciation some way.”

“Who told you that?”

“My daddy.” Mahogany placed her hand on top of Charles’ package and smiled. “But enough about all a that. What you came to the city for?”

Charles smiled. “Some employees.”


         Charles smiled at the history in those words. How he managed to break Mahogany down with one night of intense sex. She admitted to him the next day that she ran away from home because she couldn’t take any of her grandmother’s rules. Charles told her he could help her get some work in Atlanta and she readily agreed.

“You ain’t gonna tell her what type of work it is?” Payne had asked while the girl was taking a shower.

Charles explained that Mahogany admitted she was at the Port Authority hoping to turn enough tricks to get a bus ticket out of New York. He was more than positive the girl wouldn’t mind sex work in Atlanta. Charles recalled how she wasn’t the least bit infuriated at the other five girls he had recruited over the weekend.

“As long as I’m ya head bitch, baby,” Mahogany told him, snuggling up to him as the group rode out of the city a few days later.

Charles thought about Darlene and his baby girl, Chastity, back in Atlanta. They were at her mother’s house because he didn’t have enough money to rent them a place. There was barely any work in Atlanta so when Payne suggested that he get him a stable of city girls to make him some money he figured it wouldn’t hurt.

Mahogany’s steel grey eyes remained trained on him, waiting for his confirmation. “You my head bitch.”

Riding along on the F train Charles laughed at the way things turned out. At his anger when he found out that a shapely Mahogany was only thirteen. His fear when she told him she was pregnant. He hadn’t signed up for no baby with no little girl so he abandoned her right after she have birth. Twelve years later she managed to find him and show him a picture of their little girl.

“Nigga, look at what we made.” Mahogany showed him a picture of a beautiful little girl with his mother’s skin and Mahogany’s eyes and hair. “Ain’t she beautiful?”

Charles agreed. “How old is she?”


Charles examined the shell of a woman he had abandoned over a decade ago. She wasn’t the same young tenderoni he met in the city during the late 80’s. But the girl in this picture? She was gonna be the next head bitch.

And so she had, Charles thought, closing his eyes as the train lulled him to sleep. Vixen had profited him more than any other woman he’d come across. She’d provided the life his family deserved, the luxury he always dreamed of come to life. Then she tore it away with her stupidity. He’d went to jail for her and would’ve still been there if not for his own colorful thinking. Vixen was about to get her comeuppance. She was about to pay with her body and freedom.


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